Much of our work involves diagnosing issues and helping clients overcome organizational culture challenges. Although these challenges may present as culture-based symptoms, there are almost always underlying causes such as outdated processes, leadership deficit, or misaligned, unclear, or absent Peak performance culturestrategy – just to name a few.

Since many of our clients and friends expressed overwhelming frustration with seemingly never ending culture challenges, Chris McGoff, co-founder of The Clearing, has written a book to help others overcome these types of complex problems. The advice offered in his latest book is based on his 30+ years of experience working with leaders from Silicon Valley to Wall Street to Washington D.C.

Match in the Root Cellar: How You Can Spark a Peak Performance Culture

Anyone in an organization – in any position – has the ability to strike the match that repels a dark default organizational culture. In doing so, they stand for something better – this has the power to change everything.

This manuscript is part novel and part field guide. It’s full of actionable advice on how you can create and sustain a peak performance culture in your organization, regardless of your title and responsibility.

Available in early fall of 2017.