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The Future of Workplace Transformation Relies on Employee Engagement

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By Tara Carcillo

Last month, I participated on a workplace conference panel to discuss change management and workplace transformation. At The Clearing, we believe change management is a necessary component of successfully undergoing workplace initiatives, but at the conference it became apparent that this is still a relatively new concept. “Wait, this is a service?” and “How does […]

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The Link between Physical Workplace and Organizational Culture (and Why It’s Important)

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By Rebecca Gaynor

Search for “culture in the workplace” books on Amazon.com, and you will receive over 7,000 results. Culture is a huge topic of interest for anyone passionate about the success of their organization, and at The Clearing, we’ve made culture our business. But why is culture important? Research shows that organizations with “good” cultures outperform their […]

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Make an Open Office Environment Work for Your Employees


According to The Washington Post, nearly 70% of US office workers are working in an open office environment. Open work spaces have several benefits – employee progress is easier to track, overhead costs are reduced, team collaboration becomes easier, and employees feel a shared sense of responsibility. Despite these benefits, there is a great deal […]

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There’s No Such Thing as a One-Size-Fits-All Office: Tips for Creating a Workspace that Suits Your Organizational Culture


Open office floor plans are all the rage, but not all leaders should be so quick to embrace the trend for their organizations. The Clearing’s work on organizational culture and workspace design has led to some interesting insight into what really works for modern offices. Here are five tips for creating a functional workspace that works […]

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