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What Real Organizational Diversity Looks Like (And How to Sustain It): Part 1

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By Paige Douglass

Today’s leading businesses are in pursuit of the ideal culture. Organizations like Google have spent millions of dollars trying to identify the characteristics of a “dream team,” and Gallup offers Strengths Finder services to shift the focus from managing people to developing them. Strong companies recognize that culture – the imaginary yet real line between […]

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion at The Clearing

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By Sama Goldstein and Hans Manzke

A diverse and inclusive workplace is an empowering and impact-driven workplace where individuals can strive toward becoming the best version of themselves. At The Clearing, we believe that our teams can and should reflect a wide range of demographics, and must, at minimum, reflect the diverse demographic and cultural fabric of the community of clients […]

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Driving Your Desired Culture through Workplace Design

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By Rebecca Gaynor

Interested in changing or influencing your organizational culture, but unsure of where to begin? You’re not alone. We often hear from leaders just like you who are not clear on how to get started, but there is a way you can begin taking small steps to positively transform your culture today. Through our work at […]

An Event Recap of Strike the Match: A Culture Conversation

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By Eliot Johnson

On May 2nd, The Clearing hosted the first in a series of conversations about culture in the workplace. In our inaugural event, Strike the Match, we talked about how to drive a peak performance culture, and challenged the audience to consider two important questions: What are the levers for peak performance, and where is your […]

The Link between Physical Workplace and Organizational Culture (and Why It’s Important)

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By Rebecca Gaynor

Search for “culture in the workplace” books on, and you will receive over 7,000 results. Culture is a huge topic of interest for anyone passionate about the success of their organization, and at The Clearing, we’ve made culture our business. But why is culture important? Research shows that organizations with “good” cultures outperform their […]

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